Come have some tea (or coffee!) and cake with us at Battersea Flower Station while you learn a new skill in one of our workshops

How to not kill your houseplants

We get told time and again that people feel like they’re ‘no good’ with plants, especially houseplants, and that they always kill them. So, why not join us for this 60 minute course – you’ll learn lots, have tea (or coffee!), cake, make some friends and hopefully a lot more confidence & knowledge!

Learn, amongst other things:

  • the easiest plants to choose that are the most forgiving!
  • best for shady corners, bright window sills, bathrooms, and best for air purifying
  • choosing the right pot and implications of a pot with a hole, and not a hole, and how to choose the right pot size
  • how to water, feed & position
  • when (and why) things go wrong, what to look for, and how to fix
  • how to repot your plant
  • what to do if you’ll be going on holiday / away for a while, and don’t have a flatmate / neighbour etc

Learn how to make a hand-tied bouquet

Come and learn how to make a hand-tied bouquet and take home your own.

You will learn:

  • how to choose your flowers, which ones last the longest
  • how to condition them
  • the spiral technique
  • how to wrap them
  • how to keep them fresh & blooming for longer!

“My friend and I absolutely LOVED the course. The ladies that taught us were so fun and friendly and really couldn’t have been nicer, and we came home very pleased with our creations!”

Lucy, December 2018