With a Marketing Budget of 50p a year, and a non-existent PR department, we feel very grateful to the many publications and bloggers who've written about us. The Times, Telegraph and Time Out say we're up there with the best in London! Here you'll find links to many articles that have been written about us. Thank you all!
A great shout out by The Evening Standard for Battersea Flower Station

A great shout out by The Evening Standard for Battersea Flower Station

A great shout out by The Evening Standard for Battersea Flower Station.. read more at the Evening Standard.

The Best Things to do in London

The Best Things to do in London

“Strung with bunting and the odd disco ball, Battersea Flower Station welcomes wide-eyed newbies and green-fingered pros alike, with helpful tips and tricks. It’s a little (but long) alcove of friendly florists, pretty pots, a small succulent greenhouse and a gentle sense of quietude.”

Read more at CN Traveller

Battersea Flower Station Listed as One of Best Garden Centres

Battersea Flower Station Listed as One of Best Garden Centres

“If it’s house plants you’re after, this award-winning ‘flower station’ has got you covered. Explore the succulent shed and greenhouse, where you’ll find an array of spider plants, bonsais, and terracotta pots to take home.”

Read more at Country & Townhouse

Country and Townhouse on Best Place to Buy Christmas Trees

Country and Townhouse on Best Place to Buy Christmas Trees

“Stepping into cosy Battersea Flower Station (note the pun) feels like stepping into a secret garden. Year-round it’s stocked full of plants, flowers, shrubs and pots, with a cute tin shed gift shop – and it’s even more magical at Christmas time. Buy everything from Fraser Firs to pot-grown evergreens, plus pretty decorations for your chosen tree. “

Read more at Country and Townhouse.

Whoop – best place to get your christmas tree… Wow

Whoop – best place to get your christmas tree… Wow

We are thrilled to have been listed as one of the best places to buy your Christmas tree this year.

Read more at Standard.co.uk

We’re listed as one of the best garden centres in London!

Thank you to suitcasemag.com for this lovely write up:

A slither of a space beside a railway line in South West London isn’t the most obvious spot for an award-winning garden centre. To enter Battersea Flower Station is as if stumbling across a woodland strung with hanging lights, bunting and other colourful ephemera. No garden? No problem; there’s an on-site florist too.


Interviewed for The Evening Standard – our tips for long lasting colour

Our very own, super talented (and super lovely!) John was interviewed by The Evening Standard, giving his top tips for long lasting Summer (and Autumn and beyond…) colour for your gardens and balconies. Read the full article here.

One of the best places in London – thanks London Beep!

London Beep (https://londonbeep.com/unusual-places) says this about us – we’re thrilled!

“When you are searching for the best place which is closer to the nature, then you should consider visiting this unusual place to visit in London. Moreover, you should know that it has been awarded as the best Garden Centre in London. When you will visit this place, you will be able to understand why it is awarded as the best garden in London. Battersea Flower Station is packed with all sorts of flowers and if you like staying closer to the nature, then it is the perfect place for you. This is one of the best unusual places to visit in London and if you are visiting London for the first time, then you should consider going there.

You will be able to find multiple flowers, flower pots, houseplants, olive trees, and much more. Visitors are also allowed to purchase few bags of compost, a bouquet or they can visit the place around to see the beautiful garden in the heart of the city.

The station is open 7 days a week and you can easily visit this place without facing any hassle.”

The Telegraph – London’s Best Garden Centres!

The Telegraph – London’s Best Garden Centres!

We’re thrilled that The Telegraph lists us as one of the best Garden Centres in London (published 10th July 2019).

Here’s what they say:

“London’s prettiest independent garden centre comes with a florist, too. They deliver pots and flowers locally, but if you pop in then you’re bound to go away with bagfuls of everything you could ever need to make your garden a magical place to be.”

Read the full article here.

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves – an interview with NappyValleyNet

Lisa was interviewed by Nappy Valley Net – read the article here!

Unique Places to Visit in London – Strawberry Tours

It’s been awarded as the one of the Best Garden Centres in London, and once you visit it you’ll see why. Listed as an “Independent Garden Centre and Florist,” the Battersea Flower Station is a enchanting place packed full of all sorts of different flowers, flower pots, houseplants, olive trees and much more. Visitors can purchase a few bags of compost (costing as little as 20p per scoop!), a bouquet for a loved one, or even just stroll around to get some gardening inspirations of their own.

See their full list here.

The Most Relaxing Things to Do in London – EvanEvansTours

Visit Battersea Flower Station!

On Battersea Park road, sandwiched between a Sainsbury’s and a trendy cafe, sits one of London’s best-kept secrets. The Flower Station is a plant centre and florist with its own quirky show garden that’s open to the public. Spend an hour or two exploring this magical space and unwind beneath the hanging baskets.

Read all of their tips here.

Olivia Visits Battersea Flower Station – What Olivia Did

Olivia Visits Battersea Flower Station – What Olivia Did

“Battersea Flower Station: a place which had me at the blooming great pun name (see what I did there? Flowers? Blooming? No…) Situated in a cosy corner of Battersea high street and consisting of a beautiful walkway showered with bunting, a rainbow of floral, a duck egg blue craft shed (with an animal corner) and a beautiful shop filled with independent artists and crafty folk- it was my idea of the perfect botanic city hideaway.”

See Olivia’s photos here.


London Bucket List – As the Sparrow Flies

London Bucket List – As the Sparrow Flies

I’m not hugely familiar with this part of town, but in a moment (read: day) where I fell down an internet rabbit hole, I stumbled across the Battersea Flower Station which made me immediately want to visit. It’s actually a garden centre based in a long outdoor corridor which was shut off to the public for 30 years. They’ve transformed into into a floral oasis where you can wander, buy plants and local products such as jam and art and basically switch off from London life.

Read the full article here.

Secret London – Essential Living

This beautiful hidden gem is sandwiched between two narrow walls near Clapham Junction. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the London commute, this independent florist has provided the perfect escape from the hectic city lifestyle.

With flowers bursting from every wall, Battersea Flower Station boasts some of the most charming plant life imaginable. It’s a big hit with the locals, and staff at the flower station are readily available to offer gardening and plant advice to help you to make your own garden and windowsills the best in the neighbourhood.

See the full article here.

London’s Secret Spots – Sarah Pratley

Battersea Flower Station is a quirky alleyway come garden centre, hidden between Winders Road and Battersea Park Road. It’s not big (though remarkably long!) but they have everything – the ‘pot shop’, seeds, herbs, window boxes, garden plants, house plants and a gorgeous florist hidden at the very end.

It is like an Aladdin’s cave, complete with bunting strung up overhead and illuminated by fairy lights. As I said, I am not really one to be enthused by a garden center, but you just don’t know what you will next stumble across – and surely everyone loves a good bouquet of flowers? If I am honest, I thought it would be a lesser-known alternative to Petersham Nurseries (the garden center meets cafe meets restaurant meets celeb hang out that I wrote all about here). It’s not. I was misled by the cake on their Instagram page (they’d recently held a Macmillan Cake Morning), but it’s not like Battersea won’t provide some cake – so no need to go without. And as for the prentending to be green-fingered plant shopping part of Petersham, I reckon this is even better. A bit more rustic (though not too much – we are still in London), and a lot more fun.

So if you are after something a little different, pop down to Battersea Flower Station. It feels like a long, very thin slice of calm in the middle of mad Battersea – completely bizarre, but also wonderful. Just don’t tell too many people. This place is worth keeping a secret.

Sarah’s Secret Spots

Things to See in Battersea – The Culture Trip

Through a small gate entrance just below the railway on Battersea Park Road, you will find Battersea Flower Station. Established in 2012 as both florist an garden centre, this shop quickly became a favourite place for ‘green thumbers,’ thanks to its expert staff who provide a great service and a fantastic selection of plants, trees and flowers. Open seven days a week, the centre offers local deliveries, garden/balcony design, the instant making of flower bouquets and a variety of tropical and Mediterranean succulents plants, cacti and indoor plants.

The Culture Trip

One of the best outdoor spaces in London – Weekend Notes

Battersea Flower Station. Yes, what you are looking at is a simple pun on Battersea Power Station, the world-famous four-chimneyed ex-power station, which has appeared on the cover of such albums as Pink Floyd and The Orb. The simple change from ‘Power’ to ‘Flower’ is a stroke of genius, and a world famous building becomes the description of a rather unusual florist.

Battersea Flower Station is lovely, and stretches much further than you can imagine. The florists creates bouquets of hand-tied flowers for every occasion, with all sorts of accompaniments to add to make it that much more special (think flowers, chocolates, even champagne and you get the picture).

If you want something a bit more permanent, their wider reach is as a garden centre, so you can get your hands on such garden goodies as shrubs, herbs, seeds, flowers for growing…. in fact everything you could possibly need to get those fingers green.

So much more than just a quirky name, this is actually one of the best inner-city outdoor places I have seen in London. It works on the ethos of being run by local people for local people, though of course this shouldn’t worry you if you want to go but you are from further afield.

Weekend Notes.

A London plant centre reveals the pleasure of buying plants in the city – The Gardening Times

For people who enjoy shopping in places with character rather than the brightly polished stores in the high streets or retail parks, a visit to the Battersea Flower Station should be on the to-do list this season.
Read the full article here.

An Interview with Douglas and Gordon

We were interviewed by Douglas and Gordon.. want to find out a bit more about us… have a read here!


London’s Most Colourful Garden Centre – The Londonist

“The prettiest garden centre… the most colourful garden centre… the garden centre with the most bunting… This place probably has more accolades than it does flowers. Who says the city has to be grey? It’s got a very punny name, too.”

Thanks so much, The Londonist!

The secret garden centres: London nurseries are transforming unloved areas of the city – and will help you do the same with your home and garden

By Homes and Property Magazine

London is blessed with small and friendly nurseries. You’ll leave feeling better than you did when you arrived…

Track down the Battersea Flower Station — full marks for a great name — tucked into a long sliver of railway track land off Battersea Park Road. “The look on people’s faces when they come here,” says John Schofield, who set it up with business partner Lisa McCormack.

“Even local people are surprised. They tell us, ‘It’s like an amazing secret space.’”

Scholfield is grateful for the house plant trend which has seen sales spread more evenly through the year as young Londoners search for statement greenery to make their rental flats, balconies and courtyards feel like home. Plants that purify the air, such as sansevieria — mother-in-law’s tongue — and peace lilies are big sellers, as well as olive trees, palms and tree ferns.

Best Garden Centres in London – The Telegraph

You can imagine we were completely thrilled to be included in this list by The Telegraph!

“London’s prettiest independent garden centre comes with a florist too. They deliver pots and flowers locally, but if you pop in then you’re bound to go away with bagfuls of everything you could ever need to make your garden a magical place to be.”

Lovely Words by Lonely Planet!

With its punning name you might think this charming garden centre, squeezed into a sliver of land alongside some railway tracks, would be happy to rest on its florals. But there’s more: it doubles as a florist, and even on busy weekends the friendly staff will treat you like you’re the only customer.

Lonely Planet.

Love London Award Winners – Time Out

An independent flower store with a pun-tastic name and a lush garden that stretches out to show off their beautiful blooms!

Here’s what Time Out has to say about us (We were Time Out Love London Award Winners, too!).


Friendly Knowledgeable Staff – On The Grid

The outside doesn’t quite prepare you for this surprising magical oasis wedged between two cafés off a busy road. This doesn’t seem like a garden centre / florist, as much as a small public garden to escape to if Battersea Park is too far. An independent and quirky place run by friendly, knowledgeable staff (who clearly love the place). They stock a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, along with accessories, vintage pots and gifts. They offer a window box planting service for those of us in tiny London flats, and offer a delivery service of plants and flowers.

See more here.


A Lovely Write Up about Battersea Flower Station, Something Different

This stretch along the railway promises pots, plants, flowers, and magic in no particular order. In fact, it’s rather haphazard with flora and fauna spilling out of rusty wheelbarrows, placed along tables and benches, and there are little ornamental touches everywhere that make you wonder if you’re in the city at all. The gift shop makes a fine place to pick up gifts for garden lovers, too.

Battersea Flower Station makes a quaint day out for those who prefer to shop independently and support local ventures.

Read the full article plus photos here.

Battersea Flower Station trumps them all – The Guardian

Seems The Guardian loves our name – thanks!

Secret Spots in Clapham Totally Worth Checking Out – Society 19

Battersea Flower Station isn’t your typical flower shop. Based in the heart of Clapham Junction, this gorgeous garden centre and florist is a truly magical space if you are looking for somewhere to go for an afternoon out or even if you need a cute backdrop for a new Insta pic.

See the full list here.

Stunning flowers for a beautiful wedding – photographed by Blue Lilly Weddings

Stunning flowers for a beautiful wedding – photographed by Blue Lilly Weddings

See here for some beautiful photos of a recent wedding, with flowers by Battersea Flower Station


Flowers at Home – a beautiful home transformation featured in Real Homes Magazine

This stunning home renovation was featured in an article by Real Homes Magazine, and featured our flowers.

Where to buy a Christmas Tree in London – French Morning London

It’s a real Ali Baba’s cave – all varieties of Christmas trees are sold by this nursery. The expert staff will advise you on how to choose your Christmas Tree and how to keep it looking great too.

French Morning London

The Best Florists in the UK (wow, thanks!) – Flowerdelivery-reviews

Battersea Flower Station is an independent business with a small, passionate team. They are both a garden centre as well as a UK florist. All members of their team are local to Wandsworth. They encourage flower lovers in the UK to shop local, whether it’s with Battersea Flower Station or their lovely neighbours and friends along Battersea Park Road. They also sell pots, plants, shrubs, garden planters, house plants and indoor pots. If you order within their delivery areas, they can deliver within the day so long as you order before 2pm.

Read the full list here.

Battersea Guide – Spareroom.co.uk

“For a real feast for the senses, follow the small gated entrance on Battersea Park Road through to the punnily named Battersea Flower Station a.k.a. one of – if not the – best garden centre and florist in London. A magical place made for musing through lush greenery and tropical plants, spend an hour or two here and you’ll almost forget you’re in the heart of London.”

Read the full guide here.

The most instagrammable place in Wandsworth – Things to Do in London

The Battersea Flower Station is potentially the most instagrammable site in Wandsworth. Even if you aren’t after a bouquet, take a stroll through the grounds.

They’re open 7 days a week and run by a small, friendly staff, who are happy to show you new stock and tell you more about the dizzying array of plants. The kitsch signs, lazy bumble bees and bright colours transport you to a new world, as if you’re Alice stumbling into Wonderland.

Read the full article here.

Best Places to buy A Christmas Tree – My London

Come Christmas this independent garden centre gets a bit Christmas-tree-tastic, so it says, as its friendly staff sort out customers with trees. Trees can be ordered in store or online and staff will deliver seven days a week to Battersea, Balham, ClaphamChelseaFulham, Wandsworth, Pimlico, Stockwell, Kennington and Nine Elms. Hand-made wreaths are made on a smallholding in Northumberland.

Thank you My London!


Best Garden Centres in London – Airtasker

Completely independent with glowing reviews, Battersea Flower Station sells indoor and outdoor plants, herbs, pots, and accessories. They offer same day delivery 6 days a week throughout south west London.

Great for: Advice and ideas if you’re short on inspo.

Thank you Airtasker!

Best Place to Buy A Christmas Tree in London – The Resident

Thank you, The Resident, for including us in your round-up of the best places to buy a Christmas Tree in London!
The multi award-winning Battersea Flower Station promises quality and value. They offer next-day delivery on Christmas trees to most SW postcodes every day from 1-22 December. Choose form non-drop Nordmann Firs priced £34-£145, as well as fragrant traditional Spruces and potted trees.

Where to Buy a Christmas Tree in London



Plant Magic in Wandsworth – Lunchbox Travels

Plant Magic in Wandsworth – Lunchbox Travels

We loved this blog – and this sentence – by Lunchbox Travels! You can read the whole blog by clicking on the link, but here’s a teeny extract…

“My claustrophobic self would choose Battersea Flower Station over Columbia Market any day. Just a short 15 minute walk from Clapham Junction Station, Wandsworth hides it’s garden centre running the length of maybe the most magical alleyway in London.”

Top Things to See & Do – Utopia

Taking its name from one of Battersea’s most famous landmarks (more on that later), this garden shop is quite a magical place.  Whether you need to buy flowers for someone or are looking for gardening supplies, Battersea Flower Station has everything you need, and it’s like wandering into a secret garden in the middle of the city.

Thank you Londontopia!

Best Plant Shops in London – Ideal Flatmate

Best Plant Shops in London – Ideal Flatmate

Battersea Flower Station might not be the biggest garden in London, but it’s definitely a beautiful and magical space. There’s a strong selection of house plants, and of course flowers, so if you also fancy treating yourself to a fresh bouquet of blooms, then we’d recommend here for sure! Read the full article here.


London’s Best Plant Shops – Time Out

Thank you Time Out for your kind words!

Puns always deserve praise, but its name isn’t the only reason we love Battersea Flower Station. The sprawling space is a homage to shoots and roots. Its narrow space alongside a railway line is like taking a wander in woodland, past greenhouses, huts, hanging lights and bunting. Let it lead you up the garden path.

A Flower Garden For The Community – Cultour Magazine

A Flower Garden For The Community – Cultour Magazine

We loved this article about us – hope you do!

Here’s just a little extract!

“The combination of expertise in field and keeping the business as local as possible together with a very approachable relation to the clients caused Battersea Flower Station to quickly rise to the top of the London garden centers.”


Best Place To Buy A Christmas Tree – Town And Country House Magazine

Town And Country House Magazine were lovely enough to suggest we’re one of the best places to buy a Christmas Tree in London!

Stepping into cosy Battersea Flower Station (note the pun) feels like stepping into a secret garden. Year-round it’s stocked full of plants, flowers, shrubs and pots, with a cute tin shed gift shop – and it’s even more magical at Christmas time. Buy everything from Fraser Firs to pot-grown evergreens, plus pretty decorations for your chosen tree.

London’s Best Florists – The Londonist

Lovely of The Londonist to include us in their article about London’s Best Florists! Here’s what they say:

“There’s something charming about an old-fashioned flower shop, isn’t there? In an age of posies purchased online and bouquets designed for letterboxes, it’s an absolute pleasure to wander into a florist and absorb the colours and scents of real, fresh flowers.

Whether you’re after a romantic gift, a way to say thank you, or something to brighten up your home, visit London’s best florists and flowers shops for all your bouquet needs. These are our favourites.

Head to the Battersea Park Road end of the passage for the resident florist, a charmingly makeshift set-up of bouquets and bunches, buckets of them spilling out of the shed and spreading beneath a large parasol. Whatever time of day you visit, the choice is always ample, and you can buy that all-important card while you’re there too.

Bouquets are available to order online, with delivery to SW postcodes available six days a week.

Best Garden Centres in London – Culture Whisper

We’re thrilled that we’ve been included in Culture Whisper’s round up of the Best Garden Centres in London!

Here’s what they say:

“If you take a peek behind a florist stand on Battersea Park Road, you’ll discover a quaint pathway lined with fresh blooms and bunting. This space is oozing with charm, with a starry constellation of fairy lights, rusty wheelbarrows, and a wooden sign advertising ‘free garden advice’ to the less-green-fingered of us – all making you momentarily forget that you’re in the city.”



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