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  • Buy Swiss Cheese Plant Online London DeliveriesOrder Swiss Cheese Plant Online

    Swiss Cheese Plant

    £ 30.00£ 50.00

    The Swiss Cheese Plant is enjoying somewhat of a revival, and is proving very popular with our customers here at your independent London Garden Centre in Battersea!

    This icon of the 1970s (!) is a great indoor plant, with lush leaves (with holes – hence the name Swiss Cheese Plant).

    Shown here in a wicker basket, or a concrete (style) planter.

    We’ve got all sorts of pots / planters that you could choose from.

    Latin Name: Monstera deliciosa

    Native to: Tropical rainforests of southern Mexico, south to Panama.

    Height: Approx 70cm

    Likes: Normal room temperature.

    Loves: Clean the leaves with a damp cloth.

    Doesn’t like: Direct sunlight (the leaves may go yellow), or dark corners. And being outside!

    Water: Better to water once a week a lot (better too if you can sit the plant in a sink with water in it for a couple of hours) and then let it dry out (a bit!), until next time, rather than doing a splash of water every day.

    Got pets? Maybe choose a different plant…

    We deliver every day to many SW London postcodes … same day delivery is difficult, so please don’t select that as an option!

    Buy online, and we’ll deliver to Wandsworth, Battersea, Chelsea, Pimlico, Fulham, Balham, Tooting, Clapham, Putney, Brixton, Stockwell, Kennington. Further afield? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

    Price includes one plant and one basket, or one plant and concrete style (terracotta, but it doesn’t look like it) pot.

  • New Workshop - How not to kill your houseplants!

    Workshop – How not to kill your houseplants!

    We get told time and again that people feel like they’re ‘no good’ with plants, especially houseplants, and that they always kill them.

    So, why not join us for this 90 minute course – you’ll learn lots, have tea (or coffee!), cake, make some friends and leave with a £10 gift voucher – and hopefully a lot more confidence & knowledge!

    Learn, amongst other things:

    – the easiest plants to choose that are the most forgiving!

    – best for shady corners, bright window sills, bathrooms, and best for air purifying

    – choosing the right pot and implications of a pot with a hole, and not a hole, and how to choose the right pot size

    – how to water, feed & position

    – when (and why) things go wrong, what to look for, and how to fix

    – how to repot your plant

    – what to do if you’ll be going on holiday / away for a while, and don’t have a flatmate / neighbour etc

    We’ve got dates throughout the Spring and Summer – get in touch for more information on – and if our dates don’t work, or if you have a group / work event etc, we can offer bespoke!

    Price is £45 including a £10 voucher at the end of the workshop (that you can spend on anything at Battersea Flower Station, at any time).


  • Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Paddle Plant SucculentKalanchoe thyrsiflora Paddle Plant Plastic Pot

    Paddle Plant – Indoor Succulent

    £ 6.00£ 19.00

    The Paddle Plant is a joy of a succulent!

    Flat, round leaves, that grow to about 15cm, have a pink / red tinge to the edges, especially when exposed to the sun.

    This is a lovely, easy to look after house plant. It does want to be indoors… you could put it outside in a (warm!) summer, but don’t let it get cold.

  • Gift Voucher Battersea Flower Station Florist And Garden Centre

    Gift Vouchers

    £ 30.00£ 100.00

    Hand stamped, personalised gift vouchers that we can send to the person of your choice from Battersea Flower Station Garden Centre & Florist.

    The recipient can spend them on flowers for themselves, or a houseplant and pot, or maybe a window box or a selection of plants for their garden or balcony. And then there’s Christmas Trees, wreaths, baubles… quite a lot of choice!

    Gift vouchers available at £30 / £50 / £75 / more, and we can post them out for you, either to you so that you can give them yourself, or we can post them to the person you wish to give a gift to, with a hand written message.

  • Granite style Window Box

    Granite Style Window Box

    £ 34.99£ 98.00

    Modern sleek window boxes, in various lengths. They looks great on window sills of modern and traditional abodes alike.

    We can deliver them on their own, or we can supply plants, seasonal bedding as per the photo, and we offer planting up services too – all delivered to your door!

    These window boxes are frost proof and durable, and really good quality.

    They come without draining holes, but we’ll drill them for you if you like.

    We offer local delivery to London SW11 from our garden centre here in Battersea, and we also deliver to most other SW London postcodes – including Wandsworth, Clapham, Balham, Tooting, Fulham, Chelsea, Pimlico, Putney, Stockwell and Kennington.

    Length: Various.

    Height: 20cm, width 20cm.

    Choose your length, and then decide if you’ll plant them up or you want us to do it for you!

    We can’t offer same day delivery on window boxes, plants or pots.

  • Large Lemon Tree Buy Online for London DeliveryLarge Lemon Tree Buy Online for London Delivery

    Large Lemon Tree

    £ 229.00

    Large Lemon Tree, standing over 6 feet tall.

    Full of lush lemons.

    Lemon trees are brilliant in a conservatory, and can even be outdoors in the Summer months (shelter them / bring them inside in Winter).

    A delicious scent comes from the wonderful white flowers, and the fruit and leaves, which stay green all year round, brighten up the conservatory or room in the winter.

    They have mid-green, long evergreen leaves and the wine-coloured buds open into white, five-petalled, fragrant, star-like flowers. The fruit take about nine months to swell and ripen, so there are often flowers and lemons on the plant at the same time, which is very appealing. They flower most prolifically in spring; but as long as the night temperature stays above 11C (52F), so that the plant does not become dormant, many will bloom in autumn and winter, too.

    Available for delivery across London – email us at for details.

    Please note same day delivery is NOT available (sorry!) for this item – we will liaise with you regarding delivery.

    Pots available to fit. Comes in standard plastic pot.

    £229 plus delivery.

    220cm high, 120cm wide.