Terms and Conditions

  1. If you order within our delivery areas, we’ll deliver on the day you ask (orders received before 2pm for flowers we can deliver on the same day, plants / pots etc we can deliver the next day subject to stock availability). We start delivering at 0900 (occasionally we can deliver earlier) and we deliver up to 5pm.
  2. We’re afraid that we can’t guarantee a specified time slot as it depends what other deliveries we have and where they are. If you let us know you’d like a specified time window we’ll do our best to work around that, but it’s not a promise.
  3. If you order after 2pm (UK time) for same day delivery, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to deliver that day. We will deliver the following day. We’ll always try our best, but it depends on what other deliveries we’re doing.
  4. We can’t guarantee that the flowers will look exactly like the photos – that’s kind of out of good intentions as if we see some gorgeous hydrangeas / special roses / lovely anemones etc, we’ll buy them and add them into your bouquet. So there’s a general feel that won’t stray too far away from what you see, but it’s a creative – and seasonal – business. We’ll always make up a beautiful bouquet for you.
  5. If the person isn’t in, we’ll leave a note (unless we can’t get to their front door – say in an apartment block) and wait until we hear from them and then we’ll go back when they are in. We don’t like leaving flowers in doorways unless you say it’s ok / we think it’s super hidden. If we can’t get into the building, we’ll ask you for a contact telephone number.
  6. We’ll let you know when we’ve delivered your flowers – mostly by email, sometimes by text. If we’ve not managed to deliver the flowers as the person isn’t home (or we can’t get into the building and there’s no answer) we’ll let you know that as well.
  7. The price you’ve paid includes VAT. We’re happy to provide a VAT receipt if you need a separate one.
  8. We can only deliver to the areas shown on our website. If you make an order but are requesting outside of our delivery areas, we’ll refund you or offer you a courier price.



Opening Times

Tuesday to Saturday 10-5:30; Sunday : 11 – 5:30

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