By Homes and Property Magazine

London is blessed with small and friendly nurseries. You’ll leave feeling better than you did when you arrived…

Track down the Battersea Flower Station — full marks for a great name — tucked into a long sliver of railway track land off Battersea Park Road. “The look on people’s faces when they come here,” says John Schofield, who set it up with business partner Lisa McCormack.

“Even local people are surprised. They tell us, ‘It’s like an amazing secret space.’”

Scholfield is grateful for the house plant trend which has seen sales spread more evenly through the year as young Londoners search for statement greenery to make their rental flats, balconies and courtyards feel like home. Plants that purify the air, such as sansevieria — mother-in-law’s tongue — and peace lilies are big sellers, as well as olive trees, palms and tree ferns.