Christmas Tree Stands

From: £ 19.99

So, you either have a stand in your loft that you’ve used every year, or you have a loft full of stands that you can never find, and you need a new one.

With these stands you can add water so your Christmas tree can have a drink !

We have 4 sizes:

  • Small: £19.99 (for Christmas Trees up to 5 feet tall)
  • Medium: £24.99 (for Christmas Trees up to 6 feet tall)
  • Large: £29.99 (for Christmas Trees up to 7 feet tall)
  • Very Large: £32.99 (for Christmas Trees up to 8 feet tall)

We deliver to most SW London postcodes.



Opening Times

Monday to Saturday 10-5:30; Sunday : 11 – 5:30

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