We've got a huge range of indoor and outdoor pots and planters in all shapes and sizes! Here's just a selection of what we have at the shop.

We deliver or you can pop in and choose your own! 
Delivery to Clapham, Wandsworth & other SW London postcodes.

Outdoor pots and planters

We have a huge selection of large (huge) and small outdoor pots and window boxes. You can come to the shop and choose your own – we’re open 7 days a week, or order online. We have terracotta, glazed, modern, fibre glass, and always stock ‘over-sized’ terracotta pots and black and grey sleek window boxes. One large pot filled with something lovely (we can help with that too!) always looks better, whatever your garden or balcony space, than a few little things that draw your eye down to the floor. We deliver across SW London.

Delivered to Clapham, Wandsworth & other SW London postcodes.

Indoor pots

We have a greenhouse full of houseplants, a succulent shed full of cactus and succulents, and we have indoor pots & planters to match. Choose from plain terracotta, classic white pots, or patterned, vintage, baskets and hand-made macrame hangers. We’re here 7 days a week and deliver across SW London.