As the longest (possibly!) garden centre in London, we have a huge selection of plants for your garden or balcony, together with the pots, compost and tools to get you going (or we can plant for you!). We also have an expert friendly team that can help you plan your garden.
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Plants For Shade

You may have a North facing garden, or a corner that doesn’t get a lot of sun, but you still want lush greenery.

Look no further. All of these plants will work whether they’re in a darker corner, or under a tree.

Plants that are green (evergreen) all year round

People often go for plants that flower, but flowers can be fleeting. We recommend a base of plants that are green all year round, and then top up with a huge seasonal display of flowers. Here’s the best of our sure-fire evergreen plants, that’ll make your outside space look lush all year round.

“Great service … personally checked in with me on the phone and then emailed to confirm arrival .. surprisingly rare for florists to do. Great flowers and presentation too. Highly recommend!”

Adam, 5* Google Review, Jan 2018

Great for window boxes and pots

There’s a huge selection of plants that’ll work in your window boxes or garden pots, giving you lush green or seasonal colour. Your window boxes and pots can look great all year round. Here’s our choice that’ll show you how.

Plants that Are Easy To Look After

Many people tell us they always kill their plants, or that they don’t have a lot of time.

You may go away a lot, or just want to enjoy your space but aren’t very good at getting out there and watering… Here’s the plants that’ll put up with the most neglect…!