Battersea Flower Station. Yes, what you are looking at is a simple pun on Battersea Power Station, the world-famous four-chimneyed ex-power station, which has appeared on the cover of such albums as Pink Floyd and The Orb. The simple change from ‘Power’ to ‘Flower’ is a stroke of genius, and a world famous building becomes the description of a rather unusual florist.

Battersea Flower Station is lovely, and stretches much further than you can imagine. The florists creates bouquets of hand-tied flowers for every occasion, with all sorts of accompaniments to add to make it that much more special (think flowers, chocolates, even champagne and you get the picture).

If you want something a bit more permanent, their wider reach is as a garden centre, so you can get your hands on such garden goodies as shrubs, herbs, seeds, flowers for growing…. in fact everything you could possibly need to get those fingers green.

So much more than just a quirky name, this is actually one of the best inner-city outdoor places I have seen in London. It works on the ethos of being run by local people for local people, though of course this shouldn’t worry you if you want to go but you are from further afield.

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