Olive Trees

We have a huge selection of olive trees, big and small. Olive Trees Are Very Happy in London Gardens and on London Balconies. Buy Online or visit us at our shop, with Local Delivery Across SW London Daily.

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  • Olive Tree in BatterseaOlive Tree in Battersea

    Olive Tree (Medium Size)

    £ 115.00

    Olive Tree (Medium Size)

    Olive Tree 150cm – 160cm (not including pot)

  • Buy Olive Tree Online - Close UpOlive Tree Lollipop Standard - Buy Online

    Olive Tree Lollipop

    £ 110.00

    Stunning Olive Tree Lollipop (‘standard’) absolutely dripping with olives!

    Olive Trees are one of our best sellers all year round, and they are completely happy in London gardens.

    These olive trees are beautiful (well, all of our olive trees are beautiful, but we are in love with these particular ones!).

    Olive Trees are evergreen – they keep their leaves all year round.

    They make a lovely gift, and are happy in a (large) pot or in the ground, adding a lovely Mediterranean touch to the garden.

    They look great as a statement piece, or in a line in a front garden, or against a garden or balcony wall.

    Height: Around 160cm.
    Head size: Approx 45cm.
    Latin Name: Olea europaea
    Native to: France, Italy, amongst others
    Likes: Being outside, being watered (like everything!)
    Loves: A feed with a balanced liquid fertiliser such as Phostrogen, or tomato food, in the growing season.
    Doesn’t like: Being inside (we get asked a lot if you can have an olive tree indoors).
    Water: Better to water once a week (or once a fortnight) a lot and then let it dry out completely, before you water again. Let it completely dry out. In the winter, when it’s dormant, less watering sessions, but don’t let it dry out.

    We deliver every day to many SW London postcodes … same day delivery is difficult, so please don’t select that as an option!

    Buy online, and we’ll deliver to Wandsworth, Battersea, Chelsea, Pimlico, Fulham, Balham, Tooting, Clapham, Putney, Brixton, Stockwell, Kennington. Further afield? Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

    Price includes one plant and one plastic pot. If you would like to purchase a terracotta, glazed or fibre glass pot, let us know – we have many options available.

     Price: £98 plus delivery (or you can collect).