Myrtle ‘Standard’ (or lollipop!)

£ 49.95

We always try to have myrtle in stock – it’s so versatile – and so beautiful.

Keeps its leaves all year round, beautiful scented white flowers, lovely berries, to keep interest all year round.

Can be used as a statement plant in a pot, or as a great ‘screen’ to block a view you’re not keen on. Can be clipped and shaped, or leave it in its natural state. Can be planted in the ground, or happy in a pot. We love them!

These are around 100cm high, and the width of the leaves ‘lollipop’ is between 30 and 40cm.

Available on back-order

Why we like it:

  • White showy fragrant flowers in profusion in the summer
  • Handsome glossy leaves every day of the year
  • Inky-black fruits in late summer (it’s hard to go anywhere in France without seeing jars of the rich, deeply coloured Myrtille jam for sale)
  • The leaves can be used as a flavouring for cooking

It’s great for planting:

  • in the ground or in pots, in a sunny spot
  • as a hedge, since it can be easily clipped
  • against a sunny wall to be used as a climber

(P.S. Brides across Europe carry Myrtle or wear a crown of the leaves as a symbol of love. A sprig from Queen Victoria’s wedding bouquet was planted and grown, and is used in royal wedding bouquets).