String of Pearls

£ 18.99

String of Pearls Plant, sometimes called String of Beads, is a stunner of a succulent, a beautiful trailing houseplant, and easy to grow (and propagate too!).

A very unusual yet easy to look after house plant, the String Of Pearls Plant needs to be kept indoors, and is happy with bright light (but not on your window sill in the summer in direct sunlight).

Shown here in a its tall plastic pot, or we can replant it in a ceramic hanging pot if you like.

Available on back-order

Height: (in the plastic pot): 21cm

Pot size: 11cm

Latin Name: Senecio Rowleyanus

Common Names: String of Pearls Plant, String of Beads Plant, Bead Plant

Likes: Normal room temperature (indoors – it’s a house plant)

Loves: Make sure you don’t let it get too leggy…

Doesn’t like: Being drowned! Being cold!

Water: Water once every 10 days or 2 weeks (sparingly) depending on how hot your place is. In winter, water less. Never sit in water.

Pruning:  You don’t have to do a lot… but if your String Of Pearls gets too “leggy”, just cut the long bits off to stimulate new growth at the top.

Propagation:  Just take a strand, place in a new pot of soil, and keep inside. Should take around 2 weeks.

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