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  • GriseliniaGriselinia


    £ 38.99£ 79.99

    Griselinia is a genus of seven species of shrubs and trees, with a highly disjunct distribution native to New Zealand and South America.

    Tree Dimensions:

    Large: = Height = 100cm -125cm Small = 80cm- 100cm

    Pot Dimensions:

    Large: = 20Litres / Small = 7.5Litres

    Diameter: Large =  35cm / Small = 27cm

    Height: Large = 26cm / Small = 19cm

    Take a look at our  amazing plant pots to go with your beautiful new Griselinia!

    Online Delivery Across SW London – Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth, Pimlico, Chelsea, Fulham. Huge Range Of Plants from Battersea Flower Station Garden Centre SW London.

  • Multi-Purpose Compost For Delivery Across SW LondonCompost Delivery SW London

    Multi-Purpose Compost

    £ 2.99£ 7.99

    Choose the size of bag you would like – we sell in the shop compost by the scoop (25p!), 10 litre, 20 litre, 40, litre, 60 litre, and sometimes 75 litre. General compost that suits most indoor and outdoor plants.

    Owl not included!

  • SeedsSeeds


    £ 2.50
  • Florist in BatterseaTouch of Blue hand-tied flower bouquet from Battersea Flower Station Florist

    A Touch of Blue

    £ 40.00£ 100.00


    A beautiful bouquet with a hint of blue flowers – new from the florist at Battersea Flower Station.

    This is a new addition as we’ve had a lot of requests – sometimes for a baby boy, sometimes just because your friend likes a touch of blue.

    Same day delivery 6 days a week if you order by 2pm.

  • large glazed pot in chocolate brown for delivery to sw london

    Chocolate Brown Pot Planter

    £ 79.99

    Glazed Garden Pot Planter with local delivery options to SW London and beyond

    This chocolate brown glazed pot is just one of a huge selection of all types of glazed and terracotta pots we have here at your award winning garden centre in London!

    This medium size chocolate brown swag pot planter (smaller size also available) is 45cm Diameter; 56cm High.

    We can deliver to most SW Postcodes across Battersea, Wandsworth, Chelsea, Fulham, Putney, Pimlico, Balham, Tooting, Stockwell and Kennington from our garden centre in London.

    We also now have the option of nationwide delivery – get in touch and we can get you a quote!

    We have lots of garden planters and pots – all shapes and sizes, terracotta, glazed, modern and vintage looking, to suit your garden and balcony styles.

    We have these pots in a few sizes and also available in ivory / white, and can deliver with compost and / or plants if you’d like.

    Medium: 45cm diameter, 56cm high. Other sizes and colours available.


  • House Plant Selection Battersea Flower Station

    House Plant Lucky Dip!

    £ 45.00

    A Glorious Selection Of House Plants – a cactus, a succulent, an air purifying plant, and 3 other ‘lucky dip’ indoor plants!


  • florist in Batterseaflorist in Battersea

    Hot Pinks

    £ 40.00£ 75.00

    Hot Pinks – Not available for Valentine’s Day – sorry – see our Valentine’s Selection

    A beautiful vintage hand-tied bouquet from our florist here in Battersea.

    Same day delivery available to South London area (postcodes listed on our site), if ordered before 2pm, every day of the week.

  • Flower Bouquet Workshop Battersea Flower Station Florist

    Workshop – Hand-Tied Flower Bouquet

    £ 65.00

    Come and learn how to make a hand-tied bouquet, have some tea (or coffee!) and cake with us at Battersea Flower Station – and take home your own bouquet.

    We’ll teach you how to choose your flowers, which ones last the longest, how to condition them, the spiral technique, and how to wrap them… as well as how to keep them fresh & blooming for longer!

    You get to go home with a bouquet of your own, and hopefully make some friends along the way.

    Workshops are 90 minutes – and wear warm clothes as we have some slightly chilly (but charming…?) ramshackle buildings…

    Choose from dates in March… (or contact us about a bespoke workshop):

    Saturday 2nd March, Saturday 19th March, Friday 29th March. Cost is £65 including tea, cake & you take home a bouquet worth £35.

    NOTE: We’re building a new website. In the meantime, when you get to the checkout, make sure you choose ‘collection’ so you don’t get charged a delivery charge (hence you’ll see why we’re building a new website!!)

  • Olive tree (Large)Olive tree

    Large Olive Tree – Over 2m Tall

    £ 179.00

    Large Olive Tree – over 2m tall!

    Beautiful, tall  – and great value – olive tree.

    Easy to look after, can be planted in the ground or kept in a large pot.

    We have a vast array of pots to choose from.

    We have hundreds of plants and trees here at Battersea Flower Station – not all of them (sorry!) on the website. We’re working on it!

    Olive trees can be clipped, and they just need water (!) and the occasional boost of tomato feed.

    We have big ones, little ones, young ones, old ones, and they’re fine outside all through winter in London.

    They keep their leaves all year round, so they’re a great garden or balcony addition.

  • Bay Tree (mini) from our herb shop at Battersea Flower Station garden centre in London

    Bay Leaves (Kitchen Bay)

    £ 4.99

    Never have to buy bay leaves again by tending to your own (mini!) bay tree.

    An essential ingredient of bouquet garni, and a standard addition to many soups and casseroles.

    This version in a 15cm pot (we have them in all shapes and sizes).

    We deliver (minimum basket order £30 in total) to Battersea, Wandsworth, Clapham, Pimlico, Fulham, Kennington, Stockwell, Balham and beyond (SW1V, SW3, SW4, SW6, SW8, SW9, SW11, SW12, SW17, SW18).

    For delivery elsewhere, get in touch and we’ll be sure to help. Order online or give us a call.

  • Rosemary from Battersea Flower Station Herb Shop


    £ 4.99

    15cm pot of Italian grown top quality rosemary.

    Fragrant, evergreen leaves, wonderful aroma, great versatility in the kitchen, and rosemary flowers too!

    Most extensively used in French, Spanish & Italian cooking – but also great with roast lamb!

    These are not the teeny pots that you get from the supermarket!

    We deliver (minimum basket order £30 in total) to Battersea, Wandsworth, Clapham, Pimlico, Fulham, Kennington, Stockwell, Balham and beyond (SW1V, SW3, SW4, SW6, SW8, SW9, SW11, SW12, SW17, SW18).

    For delivery elsewhere, get in touch and we’ll be sure to help. Order online or give us a call.

    We offer what we hope is amazing, friendly and personal service. Our reviews are all genuine.

  • Gift Voucher Battersea Flower Station Florist And Garden Centre

    Gift Vouchers

    £ 30.00£ 100.00

    Hand stamped, personalised gift vouchers that we can send to the person of your choice from Battersea Flower Station Garden Centre & Florist.

    The recipient can spend them on flowers for themselves, or a houseplant and pot, or maybe a window box or a selection of plants for their garden or balcony. And then there’s Christmas Trees, wreaths, baubles… quite a lot of choice!

    Gift vouchers available at £30 / £50 / £75 / more, and we can post them out for you, either to you so that you can give them yourself, or we can post them to the person you wish to give a gift to, with a hand written message.