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Just a small selection of the products available in store. We’re adding more and more each week to our online shop. If there’s something you need and you can’t find it here, just get in touch.

Please note minimum delivery is for orders over £30.

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  • Olive Tree £98 over 2m highOlive Tree - close up with olives!

    Large Olive Tree

    £ 98.00

    These lovely large olive trees are over 6 feet high (over 2m), and the ‘head’ is lush and thick, at around 70cm tall and 60cm wide.

    They are great in a pot on a balcony or a terrace, or in the ground.

    We offer local delivery to SW London postcodes (Battersea, Wandsworth, Clapham, Balham, Putney, Pimlico, Tooting, Kennington, Stockwell and Chelsea).

    We can supply a pot, compost, and planting up services too!

    We deliver 7 days a week, and always have a selection of olive trees in (with olives!) – big and small, young and old.

  • Fatsia Japonica available to order online from Battersea Flower Station Garden CentreFatsia Japonica buy online from Battersea Garden Centre

    Super easy Fatsia Japonica

    £ 42.95

    Fastia Japonica. One of the easiest toughest plants you can have. Will grow in sun or full shade. Tropical, large leaves, stays green all the year round. Can live outside or inside. Happy in a pot. Not a fussy plant at all!

    Available with green or variegated leaves.

    Height including pot: approx 90cm; Diameter: approx 100cm.

  • agave plant available to order online from SW London Garden CentreStunning Agave plant available to order online from SW London Garden Centre

    Agave Plant

    £ 58.95

    A wonderful ancient plant that needs practically no watering! Grows best in full sun. Beautiful architectural leaves. A trouble free and splendid plant. Can be inside in a bright position or outside (with winter protection).

    Warning – very spiky tips of leaves – keep away from little fingers!

    Height in pot: approx 90cm. Diameter of plant: approx 60cm


  • Black bamboo from Battersea Flower Station

    Large Black Bamboo

    £ 88.00

    A beautiful, 6-7 feet, black stemmed bamboo.

    Great for screening a not so pretty view, or wall, or to get some privacy!

  • Olive tree available to buy online from Battersea Flower Station Garden Centre

    Olive Tree – ‘Standard’ (or lollipop!)

    £ 42.95

    We love olive trees! This one is ‎90cm high (including the pot), and the width of the head of leaves is around 30cm.

    Great statement plant, keeps its leaves all year round – and of course, you get olives too!

    Outdoor only. Great on a balcony, in a garden – and as a present!

  • Large Terracotta Pot with rope detailingLarge terracotta pot with rope detailing

    Large terracotta pot with rope detailing

    £ 50.00£ 75.00

    Large terracotta pot with rope detailing.

    Frost proof.

    Large : Height: 49cm; Diameter: 69cm

    Medium: Height: 40cm; Diameter: 54cm

    We deliver to most SW London postcodes – Battersea, Wandsworth (SW17 / SW18 / SW12), Clapham, Stockwell, Kennington, Chelsea, Pimlico, Fulham. We can sometimes go a little bit further afield – please enquire for details.

    We have a large selection of pots in stock – if you can’t see what you want on the website get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.

    We can deliver the pot, or if you like we can plant up the plant of your choosing from our selection, so you’re all ready to go!

  • Large Terracotta Pot Planter from Battersea Flower Station Garden Centre and FloristLarge plain terracotta pots

    Large Tuscan Terracotta Pot

    £ 125.00

    Beautiful Large Terracotta Pots.

    Frost Free.

    Large: Height: 68cm; Diameter: 70cm.

    Medium: Height: 52cm; Diameter: 52cm.

    Free local delivery to SW11; Small delivery charge to other SW postcodes. Outside of SW London get in touch and we’re happy to quote for delivery.

    We can deliver just the pot, or we can also plant up your chosen tree / plant from our selection.

  • Large tall plain rimmed terracotta potLarge tall terracotta pot with rim detailing

    Large terracotta Pot – Plain with Rim

    £ 49.95£ 125.00

    Beautiful, simple large terracotta pots.

    Frost Free.

    Large: Height 69cm, Diameter: 63cm

    Medium: Height: 57cm; Diameter: 52cm

    Free local delivery to SW11; small delivery charges to other SW London postcodes. Ask for quote for delivery to other London postcodes.

    We can also plant up with your chosen tree / plant.

  • Granite style Window Box

    Granite Style Window Box

    £ 22.95£ 38.95

    Modern sleek window boxes, in various lengths and colours, and they look great on window sills of modern and traditional abodes alike.

    We can deliver them on their own, or we can supply plants, seasonal bedding as per the photo, and we offer planting up services too – all delivered to your door!

    These window boxes are frost proof and durable, and really good quality.

    They come without draining holes, but we’ll drill them for you if you like.

    We offer free local delivery to London SW11 from our garden centre here in Battersea, and we also deliver to most other SW London postcodes – including Wandsworth, Clapham, Balham, Tooting, Fulham, Chelsea, Pimlico, Putney, Stockwell and Kennington.

    Depth: 30cm

    Height: 20cm, width 20cm.

    Choose your length and colour, and then decide if you’ll plant them up or you want us to do it for you!